COVID-19 Updates

Hey everyone,

I just want to make sure that everyone is up-to-date on the situation regarding COVID-19 when it comes to the Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center. As of right now, the center will remain closed to the public until at least April 6th. At that time the executive board will come together and decide if the closure should continue or if volunteers, interns, and staff can return do their duties.

Furthermore, support groups and meetings will be held either virtually or postponed until further notice. Please contact your support group facilitator for arrangements. Unfortunately, this means that our annual Queer Prom is also postponed. We are hoping to have something for students this summer or fall. Please stay tuned!

Here are some resources for reaching out: – general information, resources, help. or – Transgender Support Group or – Weekly Teen Hangout – events, Queer Prom, outreach – Pride 2020 (Pride in the Park, Fundraising, etc.)

Please remember that this is only a temporary. We will get through this together; however, we must practice good hygiene like hand-washing and social distancing in order to slow down the spread and save lives.



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