Queer Prom 2020 Presents:

Due to a fire at the Metro in February 2020 – we have to find a new location to host our Queer Prom – so stay tuned! 

Email: prom@cvlgbt.org for more information!


From our organizers:

We have had the honor to work with the LGBTQ Community on coordinating a Queer Prom for several
years now.

We want to continue to support the LGBTQ+ youth in the Chippewa Valley by helping throw an amazing
prom every year. It’s a place where they can be who they truly are without having to worry about what
others think of what they look like or who they are bringing. They get to enjoy the music and the
“prom” experience without fear. They get to meet other kids like them from surrounding areas and
make new friendships.

The adult volunteers get to see the pure joy in their faces/eyes because they are free to be who they
are. Its truly an honor to be able to help with this event to make those kids happy and to have a positive
effect on them even if it’s just a couple hours of their day.

The committee does our best to include fun activities (games, VR, drawing/creative station) and this
year we added some drag queens and kings to the mix for a short performance for the kids to enjoy. We
involve local businesses in requests for support, advertising and help to create raffle baskets that the
kids get a chance to win.

Thanks to all the supporters and volunteers that make this event a success for the youth! We couldn’t
do it without you.