This group is open to parents and to any main support person for a Transgender individual (sister, partner, best friend, etc). BUT we do not turn anyone away that wants a support group for other people that fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

We meet first Sunday of each month at 3pm at SHIFT

What to expect:

  • We might cry
  • We might laugh
  • We will be supported
  • We will learn
  • We will increase our resources
  • We can be honest and/or vulnerable
  • We can be quiet and observant
  • We can soak it all in and talk or not talk
  • What is said/happens in the group stays within this group
  • We can make this group what we all want it to be.

We also understand that not everyone we care about is out to everyone. So if you have more
questions or want to talk to someone and get a better idea if this is the place for you please email us
with questions at

This group is growing, and we are slowly adding more parents to the group from
different areas of western WI. We have created friendships outside of us being
parents of transgender kids. There is a wide array of experiences and scenarios.
Our kids are all different ages and in different stages of their lives and their
journeys. We also have a private Facebook group that allows the group to share
obstacles and successes, ask questions, reach out for help and to announce
different events or updates in the LGBTQ community.

One of our goals is to someday be able to bring our kids with us and for them to
kind of go off to another area to hang out and talk about what they need or want
to and be around other kids like themselves. It could be more social or more
therapeutic in nature. We also want to make our group more known to the
community so that when a kid comes out to their parent that parent has already
heard or can easily find us and can reach out for support, guidance or a high five
for being an awesome supportive parent.

Our group is also becoming a place for other organizations/groups to come to us
for extra support at an event or to support even one individual LGBTQ person
during a holiday, or wherever there is a need for extra love and support.
If you are already a supportive and loving parent where everything is going
smoothly and really nothing major going on, this is still the group for you. You can
be there to share your experiences with others who need it, and to celebrate the
successes. Plus you never know when something out of the blue will come up and
you would love to lean on those that truly understand how you are feeling and be