The Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center is a safe space for all identities. Here at the center, we aim to provide services and create education programs that promote well-being and unity within and among the LGBTQ+ Community not only in Eau Claire, but the entire Chippewa Valley. To promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance is of the upmost importance.

We hold all of our members ,volunteers, and visitors to these values:

  • Inclusiveness – we respect and value diversity and are committed to serving all members of the community equally.
  • Participation – we recognize the contribution of volunteers and the desires of the community members whom we represent.
  • Quality – we continuously strive to improve our internal and external operations in order to serve our diverse and changing community and its needs.
  • Responsibility – we understand our fiduciary obligations and act with integrity to manage the financial affairs of the Corporation and its allies and donors and to maintain our non-partisan non-profit status.
  • Intersectionality – we understand that individuals may identify under one or more of the groups we represent and we never seek to exclude anyone from our services based on belonging/not belonging to a group identified above.